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We are very pleased with the work. Not only for the quality and the photos, but also for the personality and empathy that developed from both sides, which in the end is very important to be confident and relaxed when in front of the camera.

It's important that couples are clear on the photography style they are after, because every photographer has his own style.

We are very satisfied with the photos because they were exactly what we were looking to reflect our wedding. 100% Recommendable!

Karla Martinez


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Only those who have gone through the experience of getting married, and dealt with the world of preparations, expectations, and complications the process entails, can really know how much is riding on the photography for your wedding day.

Rodmar Studios is a family project that started the day we designed our own wedding invitations. We were married in small city in a jungle region, wanting a simple wedding and to rely on professionals to make our simple dream come true. But amidst the dozens of people wishing to take our money, there were no professionals to be found.  

On the day of the wedding our photographer did not show up, our videographer made a mess of the video and the hairdresser called in sick. Almost everything that could go wrong went wrong that day, and though it may have made us stronger we don’t wish that experience on anyone.


We are very happy with the service and the kindness of the photographer.

The happiness of our wedding was fully captured in every photo. Rodmar Studios was concerned about every detail to get a professional result.

A big thanks to Rod Ceballos who did an amazing job for our wedding.

Pedro and Hong Mei

100% recommendable!

They are very professional, responsible, respectful, creative and dedicated to their work!

The way they present the photos is also very beautiful! We were left very happy with their services.

Nicole Ulbrich

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Excellent photos and very

committed with their work.

Always available, punctual and concerned with all the details.

We are very happy with

the work done!

Janete Valenzuela


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The service Rodmar Studios delivered for our wedding was simply excellent. They are very responsible, very flexible, very focused on details. 100% quality! We would recommend them with eyes closed!

Our wedding was very special because we were living abroad, so we had to communicate via Skype to be able to organize all the details of our wedding, and Rodmar Studios was always very cooperative and punctual.

The truth is that we were left very pleased with this service, very satisfied. They really are very professional.

Fabiola Castillo

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Totally recommendable for their dedication, availability and professionalism.

The work is of great quality, personalized and detailed. We were really very pleased with everything including the final presentation of the delivered photos!

Evelyn Sandoval


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The service is spectacular. They are very attentive to all preparation sessions and on the main day.

They are very punctual and the results are excellent; they are totally recommendable because they completely fulfill all expectations.

Paula Bayer


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Why do I tell you this horrible tale? It’s not to scare you, of course. It’s to explain what motivates us and what sets us apart from many of our colleagues.

We have good equipment and we create beautiful images. Yet when it comes to wedding photography what makes us really special is that your wedding is our wedding. Your wedding is just as important as ours because you have the same hopes and endure the same trials we once did. And your photos will be our photos; the ones we would have liked to have but never got.

We hope you like our work. We are proud of our images. But we are even prouder of the service offered, the trust awarded us by our clients, and their satisfaction at every stage of our relationship. Wedding photography is about all of that… and beautiful images too, of course!